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Trading Rules

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Trading Rules

Post by Goofy Goober! on Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:13 am

Trading Rules:

Please DO NOT offer trades outside of the Trading Section.

Fair Trading Policy

1. First, and most importantly, do NOT scam anyone.

2. All trades have to be placed in Beariffic Trading section.

3. You can only have ONE trade thread, and one only. Trade threads will be closed due to inactivity.

4. You are responsible for your own Trading Thread. Please keep your trade thread updated by clicking the ''Edit'' button. Only list thinks that you are willing to trade. If its on your lists and you keep on turning an offer down, people will still offer items for it because it is on your trade thread! AND - Please do not list items you do not have!If you are going to receive a item later, or is buying the bear it comes with, DO NOT LIST IT because you don't have the item YET.
If you cannot manage your trade thread, then take some items off. You are responsible for your Trading Thread.
Not anyone else.
Please do not use trade threads for long chatting, that is not what they are intended for.If we see that, your trade thread will be locked and deleted.

5. Please do not beg, plead, or whine for someone to give you something or trade with you. Nobody likes whiners. Also, do not make someone trade you the item. Please do not advertise and such i the chat box, or on other threads. Do not set up a thread asking if anyone has a particular item in the discussion area's.

6. Don't offer trades in someone else's Trading Thread. Each member will have their own trade thread. Do not post in their thread that you have the same items and will offer a better trade. That's just wrong. Do not offer an item in someone's thread that you have offers for on your thread.

7. Only virtual items inside BABV are allowed to be given. We do NOT allow giving of actual real life money or items.

8. The trading section is NOT an Auction House! All offers must be entertained on a first come, first-served basis (in the order they are received). Once a user has made an offer for an item (whether they say "I want your item, check my thread to see if I have anything you want" or they offer a specific item with "I want your item, I'll give you my item"), all users MUST consider that item as taken. You can still express your interest in the item, and say that you would love their "item" if the trade doesn't work out, but you are NOT allowed to "outbid" the original offer. Again, until the offer is formally declined, you can only express your interest in an item and cannot offer better items or a "faster trade".

9. If someone makes an offer on your thread and then logs off, you must allow them 8 hours to log back on and accept the transaction. You may wait longer, but not less.

10. Trades may be refused by either party. You both must agree to a fair trade and both be satisfied. If one party doesn't want to participate in the exchange for whatever reason, it's their choice!

11. Please make sure to note what items were traded; "Traded my {specific item} for their {specific item}."

What is a fair trade?

This is a question everyone asks and something we're going to try and answer.

The following can also help you determine whether or not you are making a fair trade:

1. A fair trade is when two people exchange items of equal or similar value.
"I will trade you my Hal ears for your pink tiara." - This is a fair trade since they are both Pet Items that are all regarded as equal right now.

2. A fair trade is when someone offers a higher value item and asks for a lower valued item that they really, really want.
"I really want your new blue tiara and I know it's new so I will trade you my pink tiara and a Holly bow."

3. A fair trade is when someone offers a high valued item for an ordinarily lower valued item whose value has increased due its popularity, or scarcity.

4. Examples of unfair trade offers:
"I will only trade my tiara for two other PSI's because everyone wants a tiara." - Not Fair to ask for two for one, it is only ok to offer like in the above examples.
"I want an Pet Item for the beach towel" - not fair since the towels are plentiful, experienced traders know that and they were free with a purchase and you can get 5 of them with 5 different accounts.

Only offer fair trades. We don't want members taking advantage of those who may not know the value of their items. If you see an unfair trade in someone's Trade Thread, grab a mod quick so we can help. Unfair trading practices will NOT be tolerated. This forum is a community for people to come and enjoy - not to get ripped off by shady members.

We take the BVW very seriously. Breaking ANY of the rules can result in having your Trading privileges suspended or revoked, or being banned from the site all together.

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Goofy Goober!

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Re: Trading Rules

Post by Rj on Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:33 pm

WOW alyssa thanx for typing all of that


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Re: Trading Rules

Post by Goofy Goober! on Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:41 am

LOL, Thank you Very Happy I tried my best.

Goofy Goober!

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Re: Trading Rules

Post by Rj on Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:43 am

lol bcs thats alot


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Re: Trading Rules

Post by Skittles on Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:52 am

Wow! that is a LOT of writing Razz Good job and thanx! Very Happy

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Re: Trading Rules

Post by Sponsored content

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